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Working Groups

Eighteen Working Groups (WGs) ranging from Air Quality in Animal Houses to Soil & Water provide the technical nucleus of the Society. The WGs are grouped into nine Fields of Interest and members are encouraged to register their interest in up to three such fields and participate in the discussion and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Coordinator of Working Groups - Prof Reiner Brunsch

Field of Interest Working Groups
AE - Automation & Emerging Technologies AE09 Intelligent Automation - Victor Alchanatis ([email protected])
AP - Animal Production Technology AP06 Innovative technologies for dairy farming - Dr Jan Harms ([email protected])
IT - Information Technology IT16 Information technology - Gilbert Grenier ([email protected])
PA - Precision Agriculture PA07 Precision agriculture - Prof. Stefan Böttinger ([email protected])
PH - Post Harvest Technology PH03 Post-harvest technology - Dr Pilar Barreiro ([email protected])
PM - Power & Machinery PM08 EnvironmentallySafe Plant Protection - Prof. Paolo Balsari ([email protected])
PM23 Sustainable Energy - Franz Handler ([email protected])
RD - Rural Development & Communication RD01 Agricultural engineering in transitional & developing countries – vacant position
RD27 Engineering in European Rural Development - Ir Antti Peltola ([email protected])
SE - Structures & Environment SE14 Air quality in animal houses – Prof Gösta Gustafsson ([email protected]))
SE15 Farm building structures & environment – Prof Panos Panagakis ([email protected])
SE22 Greenhouse system design - Prof Demetres Briassoulis ([email protected])
SE25 Wastes engineering - Fabrice Béline ([email protected])
SE28 Rural buildings & landscape - Prof Patrizia Tassinari ([email protected]
SW - Soil & Water SW20 Soil & Water - Prof Nunzio Romano ([email protected])